Monday, April 16, 2012

i can make it better

So yesterday's just so-so Smothered Roast Pork? Turned into the greatest sandwich of my life.

There were plenty of leftovers - after all, a 5-lb. roast feeds much more than the two of us in one sitting. But it was already a bit dry yesterday, and I was afraid to make it worse by reheating for subsequent meals. That really left the only option as a cold-to-room-temperature sandwich filling. Banh mi sandwich filling to be exact.

There's nothing like a full Vietnamese deli banh mi sandwich. I mean, none of the fancy lemongrass chicken or whatever banh mi. Full on porky, head cheese-y goodness made luxurious with pate, but balanced out with fresh cilantro, tangy pickles and occasionally, a fiery slice of jalapeno. I mean, Subway has nothing on it. (I don't want to dwell on it, but I hate Subway. Hate. That smell. Why?)

This is by no means traditional (after all, I had a job to do - getting rid of leftovers), but it riffs on enough of the basic elements I love to make it a really grand sandwich. Here's how I built mine:

- big ol' baguette
- a generous swipe of Trader Joe's Truffle Mousse Pate goes down
- a generous swipe of mayo goes on the other side of the bread
- thick slices of roast pork go down
- top with an array of Italian meats - prosciutto and salami in our case - I wanted to mimic some of the peppery flavor of the various Vietnamese deli meats that I didn't have in my fridge, and Matty just likes prosciutto
- marinated mushrooms, sliced - too lazy to make Daikon + Carrot Pickles
- but I did want the freshness of some carrot, so I shaved one down with a vegetable peeler and stuffed it in
- Trader Joe's was out of cilantro, so I finished off the sandwich with a few mint leaves

I think it came out to about a foot-long each. We did not intend to eat the entire sandwich, but it was so. damn. good.

***EDIT: Equally good on two slices of potato bread if you don't feel like going out to get a fresh baguette to continue getting rid of leftovers.


Karen F. said...

ooo TJ's truffle mousse pate! i've been eyeing that for a while but haven't tried it. is it delicious? also, am totally w/ you on the subway smell. during grad school i subletted an apt that was above a subway and the stink of their baking bread would seep up through the floors every day. gag.

Ngoc said...

Hey Karen! I'd say it's like "pate for beginners." It's got a pretty mellow flavor, and for $5, you can't lose.