Friday, January 16, 2009

hot, hot, hot

If I find a recipe that interests me, and I'm not on my home computer to immediately take it down in a Word document and file safely away, I'll email myself the link, with the name in the subject. Then, when I get home, I file those emails away on my computer. It's a really great system.

Matty happened to be over my shoulder as I was going through yesterday's emails. His eyes got big as saucers, and he said, "What does 'spicy drumsticks' mean?" Obviously, I had to make them for him tonight. And really, this could have been disastrous, but all's well that ends well.

You see, I cannot deal with spicy food. I try, but I really can't. Matty loves the stuff. I chase my mild wings with carrot sticks drenched in blue cheese; Matty asks if we can order a couple "suicide" wings. I sip my pho sweetly; he pours on the Sriracha. Sriracha drumsticks - oh, sure.

These came out pretty spicy. Matty loved them. Luckily for me, we didn't have enough time to marinate the chicken for very long before baking. I just "suffered through" the spicy outside and comforted myself in the fact that there was plenty of just plain chicken on the inside to cool the raging inferno of my mouth. I think the chicken was pretty good, but it's hard to fully enjoy when you're trying to swallow as quickly as possible so that the spice doesn't touch your tastebuds for too long. Perhaps next time, I'll use Cholula instead - get a little warmth without killing myself.

I wonder if they'll get more or less spicy as they sit in the fridge? I've got visions of shredded spicy drumsticks over some nice crisp Romaine with blue cheese crumbles tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

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Tracy said...

Oooh I need this recipe.